Weathering the Storm

The JFON Network continues to give hope and aid to asylum seekers 

Last week, National JFON sent a team of attorneys and staff from Just Neighbors, our JFON affiliate in Virginia, to Tijuana, Mexico, to provide legal counsel to waiting asylum seekers.

In the weeks ahead, we will be sending three more teams to Tijuana—from Michigan, Northern Illinois, and Nebraska (Immigrant Legal Center.) Their mission: to explain the U.S. asylum process for migrants fleeing violence and persecution, and to educate them on how they can tell their story in a way that is both clear and compelling.  

By now, you will have heard that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the administration’s new asylum ban may proceed, although the legality of that regulation is still working its way through our court system.

We don’t know with any certainty how this new ban will ultimately play out. We only know that we have a lot of work to do.

Our JFON legal teams will continue to help asylum seekers at the border. Our JFON network will continue to help our asylum-seeking clients at JFON offices across the country.

This latest ban does not, in any way, affect our current and ongoing asylum cases, and it will not hinder us from fulfilling our duty to our clients.

We have hundreds of men, women, and children—families—who are depending on us.

They are depending on you, too.

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Please watch our new asylum video, "Which side are you on?"
Voices from around the JFON network contributed to this video about our asylum work.  Please click the photo to watch our new video, “Which side are you on?


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