NJFON Executive Director Response to Executive Action

National Justice for Our Neighbors is thankful to President Obama for taking the bold step of announcing deferred action for parents of U.S. citizens and green card holders and for expanding it for immigrants who arrived here before they were 16 years old any time before 2010.   JFON holds family unity among our highest values and this executive action will enable nearly five million family members to remain together and to come out of the shadows of American society.   For more details, you will find the fact sheet on the White House website here.

This announcement means that millions of U.S. citizen children won’t have to wake up worrying if their mother or father will be deported that day.  It also means that the children won’t have to financially support their parents, who will now be authorized to work here and become contributing members of our society and economy. 

While today we celebrate, we are also called to action. We recognize the massive level of assistance that eligible immigrants will need in the months that follow, especially immigrants who cannot afford private attorneys.  These vulnerable immigrants will be targeted by unscrupulous people eager to take their money.

To address this need JFON will be stepping up our efforts in order to educate communities about this new relief and to assist immigrants in applying for it.   We will strengthen our partnerships– both within the United Methodist Church and beyond– throughout the cities we serve.  Hiring attorneys to lead these efforts as well as expanding our volunteer base, the heart of our work, will be another main focus.   

We are incredibly thankful for the tireless advocacy from immigrants and supporters around the country which has moved the President to this decision.  It is a step toward a more just and compassionate country for all of us and we look forward to working alongside you in the journey.


Rob Rutland-Brown
Executive Director
National Justice for Our Neighbors




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