New York Homecoming

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“I think I had a fever, because I couldn’t breathe for a moment,” recalls Amir. “Is it really true, I wondered? Or am I dreaming?”

When we last checked in with Amir, his wife Piya—with the assistance of ILJ New York’s Managing Attorney TJ Mills—had just gained approval to join her husband in the United States. 

Piya hadn’t seen her husband since Amir left Northern India nearly 28 years ago.

“Truthfully, I had lost hope,” says Amir of the day he walked into an ILJ New York legal clinic for help. “It was my last chance, but I had already lost hope.”

Please read Amir’s full story —including his immigration journey with ILJ New York— written by Andrea Padilla: Amir’s Love Story and ILJ New York’s Help 

The day of the longed-for reunion finally arrived several weeks ago. “There is so much happiness,” reports Amir, tears of joy falling unperturbed down his face. “And she loves New York.

“I have spent most of my life in this city,” he adds. “But now it feels like home. It is home.”


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