ILJ Network Urges Legal and Faith Communities to Join Us in Demanding a Ceasefire Now

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*We speak on behalf of our national office and not on behalf of any of our affiliated sites*

Immigration Law & Justice Network implores the Biden Administration to demand a ceasefire in Palestine and Israel. The violence, bombardment, and terror must end.

As lawyers, we know collective punishment is a war crime. As human rights advocates, we know that it is possible to acknowledge the pain in one community without denying it in another. As an organization, we are unwavering in our commitment to life-affirming practices, including justice, peace, and keeping communities and families together.

Melissa Bowe, Co-Executive Director of Immigration Law & Justice Network, states:

“As the descendent of Jews who fled the Holocaust, I believe that Jewish safety and life, freedom, and access to justice in Palestine are not opposing causes. The genocidal massacre in Palestine cannot be justified by the massacre inflicted by Hamas in Israel.

The immigration system often feels plagued with dead ends and inhumane treatment — leaving immigrants to endure horrific realities and concerned people everywhere feeling helpless. For me, when Jewish communities say, “never again” that means never again for anyone. It is why I do this work, and it is why I speak out today.”

Vidal Cordova, Executive Committee Member of the Board of Directors, follows:

“Our role as advocates for refugees also compels us to engage with our government and demand that this violence, and the U.S. government’s role in providing financial and military aid used to inflict violence on innocent civilians, stop immediately.

Our like-minded allies in the U.S. and globally have taken stands and are engaging with our government officials. We should not and cannot stand by idly. “


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