ILJ Network Decries Biden Administration’s Latest Asylum Proposal

asylum announcement bronze may 2024

Immigration Law & Justice Network continues to be shocked and heartbroken by the Biden administration, with its newest betrayal in the form of a rule proposal that strips asylum seekers of their right to a hearing on the merits of their claim.

The “Mandatory Bars in Fear Screenings” rule would allow asylum officers to reject asylum seekers during the initial asylum screening interviews when people have just arrived at the border, are alone, and are physically and emotionally traumatized from their migration journey.

The credible fear screening interview is only designed to be a low-threshold screening, with complicated legal questions reserved for a full hearing. Asylum attorneys across our network know how much work goes into a full asylum hearing with the preparation of extensive evidence and the development of complex legal arguments.

To place life or death decision-making power in the hands of an asylum officer during a brief, often telephonic, screening interview will have grave consequences. 

“This is a big moment in America,” states ILJ Network Co-Executive Director Melissa Bowe.

“We are being challenged daily to define who we are and who we want to be as a country. Do we turn our back on the world? Fund death and destruction? Change our laws to make it virtually impossible for people fleeing for their lives to seek refuge here?”

That is not our America.

“Instead, we strongly urge the Biden administration to reverse course and stay true to their promises to bring decency back to the border and to be a champion for human rights for all.”


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