Home is where your Mother is

Amanda, one of our most valued volunteers and interpreters at JFON-New York’s Chinatown clinic, is also one of our favorite clients! Thanks to the efforts of JFON-New York, she was able to both obtain her green card and visit her family in Fuzhou, China.

Amanda had not seen her family since 1993.

Here she is with family members for her grandmother’s 90th Birthday party.  Amanda is on the last row, third from the left.

Amanda’s American-born sons, Derek and Daniel, are sitting in the front with their cousins. They came with their mother to China to meet their many relatives and to discover for themselves their mother’s birthplace.

Amanda was without U.S. documentation for twenty years. Now she eagerly prepares for her U.S. citizenship in two years.  NJFON-New York has been with her for every step of her remarkable journey.

Happy Mother’s Day, Amanda!



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