Bill Mefford: A Lion for Social Justice

Bill Mefford served as the Director of Civil and Human Rights at General Board of Church and Society for nearly a decade,  and in that capacity he also served as an ex officio member of NJFON’s board of directors.  Although he is no longer with GBCS, he remains a steadfast defender of human rights, a vocal advocate for vulnerable immigrants within our communities, and an inspiration to those of us involved in this ministry.

Attorney Maria Macias
Attorney Maria Macias

In honor of Bill’s work, the NJFON Board of Directors will be sending Dallas-Fort Worth JFON attorney Maria Macias to Dilley, TX, for a week to work with detained women and children at the notorious family detention facility there.  By representing immigrants at risk of deportation, Maria will be able to give those who would otherwise not have an attorney a chance to present their case to remain here in the U.S., safe from the dangers from which they fled.

Maria will join the team of CARA in providing pro bono legal services, using her language skills and experience as an immigration attorney.  We are grateful that she has volunteered for this engagement and that Dallas-Fort Worth JFON is supporting her in the cause.

Bill has been a tireless champion for the powerless and neglected of our society, and so we honor him by giving hope to detained women and children, “the least of these.”


Rob Rutland-Brown
Executive Director, National Justice for Our Neighbors


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