Asylum under the Biden Administration: Year One Report Card

Dear Friends,

Just last week, we hit Joe Biden’s one-year anniversary in office as our new president. Biden’s campaign platform promised to reform our nation’s immigration system and recommit our country to welcoming asylum seekers and refugees. Yet the U.S. asylum system remains decimated under the Trump-era policies that have escalated and expanded under this administration’s watch. This includes “Title 42” and “Remain in Mexico,” both of which violate rights guaranteed under both U.S. and international law.

Over 1.4 million expulsions have taken place under Title 42 from March 2020 to December 2021. In fact, expulsions more than doubled in the first 10 months of the Biden administration compared to the 10 months of expulsions under the Trump administration.

Biden did take welcomed executive action when he first took officesuch as rescinding Trump’s African and Muslim bans. However, his administration has since taken specific courtroom actions that have worsened the immigration system and further reinforced anti-Blackness in immigration policy.

As we head into President Biden’s second year in office, now is the time to demand that he drastically change course and live up to his campaign promises! Please read below for resources on how to learn more and take action:

  • One hundred former refugees and asylees signed on to this letter urging the Biden administration to discontinue Trump-era policies “Remain in Mexico” and “Title 42.”
    • You can build momentum and raise awareness of the letter by uplifting the graphics and social media content found in this toolkit.



Melissa Bowe
Deputy Director,
National Justice for Our Neighbors


***Cover photo courtesy of Mike DuBose, UM News Service ***


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