Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad:
NJFON issues statement on recent terrorist attacks

National JFON is deeply saddened by the terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad.  We mourn the victims of these tragedies and pray for their loved ones.

Hearts with hymnDuring this time of fear and heightened caution, NJFON urges the U.S. to continue to welcome refugees who flee such recurring violence on a daily basis.  Let us remember that refugees admitted to the United States must undergo extensive security screenings and background checks before they are accepted into our country.

Now, in this moment of tragedy, let us stand with our neighbors seeking escape from violence rather than closing our doors on them.   The welcoming mission of Justice for Our Neighbors requires us to show love not just when it is easy, but also when it may be most difficult, for that is when our brothers and sisters around the globe need our compassion the most.


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